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Domestic Violence Offender Counseling

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Individual Therapy: It is a kind of domestic violence counseling that helps individuals identify the triggers that lead to his anger. This is done by doing an in-depth exploration of his history and current life. The insight gained from this process is used to assist the client in developing a comprehensive understanding of his assault cycle.

The assault cycle is the cycle that he goes through as he offends. The typical cycle consists of four stages

  1. The build up stage.
  2. The act out stage.
  3. The justification stage.
  4. The pretend normal stage.

Once an individual has an understanding of how this cycle plays out in his life, he can implement interventions to help stop the abuse.

  • Group Therapy: Group therapy is a kind of domestic violence counseling which is used to practice skills that are gained in individual therapy in a safe environment. It is said that group therapy is a “social microcosm.” This means that the way an individual acts in group therapy is very similar to the way he will act in real life when confronted with similar situations. This allows the therapist to intervene at a very effective lever. As the client learns to more effectively deal with problems in groups he is then able to transfer those skills to the real world.
  • Program Length: 6 to 9 months.

Domestic Violence Counseling

We offer domestic violence counseling programs for child, adolescent, and adult victims of domestic violence. The program consists of a combination of individual and group psychotherapy.

  • Individual Therapy: The focus of individual therapy is to assist the client in taking steps to provide for his/her immediate safety needs both physically and psychological support. Once this is done, focus is spent on assisting the client to work through the trauma. The next phase then focuses on assisting the client to regain his/her power and to move forward, thus not allowing the past to control his/her present and future.
  • Group Therapy: Group therapy allows the client to practice the skills he/she has learned in individual therapy in a safe environment.

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